Meet the People of RxBIO

Biographical Information

Roy A. Hoff, R.Ph.

Mr. Hoff currently serves on the company's Board of Directors and Executive Management Committee and brings extensive experience to the Company. In 1995, he formed Forza, Inc., a healthcare consulting company. Prior to that (1986 – 1995), Mr. Hoff was Founder, Director, CEO, and President of Cima Laboratories. Cima Labs was founded as a privately funded, drug-delivery company specializing in the development of unique oral-drug-delivery technologies to create new dosage forms for the delivery of existing drug compounds for major pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Hoff took the company public on NASDAQ in 1994. Cima Labs is a subsidiary of Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Before forming Cima Laboratories, Mr. Hoff served as Director of Sales and Marketing for Upsher-Smith. From 1974 – 1984, Mr. Hoff held a variety of sales and marketing positions for Eli Lilly and Company. His responsibilities included the launch of CECLOR®. Mr. Hoff graduated from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy and the Executive Management Program at Northwestern University.

Michael S. Jabbour, MBA

Mr. Jabbour currently serves on the company's Executive Management Committee (EMC). He has spent many years in the global pharmaceutical industry. His focus has been on how to identify, quantify, and fully exploit the commercial potential of major proprietary products. He founded MSJ Healthcare in 1999. In that capacity, he provides strategic and creative insights to advertising agencies, public-relations firms, and pharmaceutical companies on a global basis. He has been called upon by dozens of senior industry executives to play a variety of roles, including mentor, strategist, troubleshooter, lecturer, workshop leader, facilitator, and counselor on new business development.

Between 1988 and 1999, he held various positions in the pharmaceutical advertising business – serving as President of Lewis Gace Bozell Healthcare from 1997 – 1999. From 1976 – 1988, Mr. Jabbour held several positions with Beecham Laboratories – ending his tenure with Beecham as Manager, New Products and Strategic Planning. Mr. Jabbour holds a B.A. degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts and an M.B.A. from Western New England College.

Leonard "Rusty" Johnson, Ph.D.

Dr. Johnson is a cofounder of RxBio and a coinventor of the company’s lead intellectual property. In addition, he serves as a Vice President. He is an internationally known gastrointestinal physiologist with over 260 peer reviewed publications primarily related to the regulation of the growth of the GI mucosa. He was funded by NIH for 45 continuous years which included 2 MERIT awards. He was the founding editor of the American Journal of Physiology; GI and Liver Physiology and Chairman of the Publications Committee of the American Physiological Society of which he was recently made a Fellow. He has received numerous honors and presented several named lectureships. In addition, he has considerable administrative experience including 15 years as Chair of the Department of Physiology and 6 years as the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Martin L. McCool

Martin McCool serves as the company's Chief Information Officer (CIO) and is a member of the company's Executive Management Committee. He has over 25 years of Information Technology (IT) experience and manages the company's entire IT infrastructure as well as security and communication systems. He has extensive experience in business operations and operations management. He is also cofounder and Vice President of The Fallon Group, LLC., a proprietary consulting company servicing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In that role, he is primarily responsible for the company's Information Technology (IT) systems, and in that capacity, has been instrumental in providing innovative, creative, and strategic solutions.

Prior to 1990, Mr. McCool was with FedEx Corporation (FedEx), a Fortune 100 company, where he supervised multiple teams responsible for the processing and timely advancement of FedEx customer freight from the company's main operations facility in Memphis, TN. He also held a supervisory position at the company’s field station in Savannah, GA.

Mr. McCool earned a B.B.A. in Finance from the University of Memphis.

W. Shannon McCool, D.Ph.

Dr. McCool serves as Chairman and CEO of the company. He has had extensive experience in the development and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceutical products as a result of having spent 40+ years working in the global pharmaceutical industry – both in middle-and-senior-level-management positions for companies such as Eli Lilly and Company and Beecham Laboratories (now GlaxoSmithKline).

Dr. McCool also serves as President and Chief Manager of The Fallon Group, LLC, a proprietary consulting company that specializes in licensing and business development, market opportunity assessments, and commercialization strategies. In that capacity, Dr. McCool has provided services to a number of clients which have included major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, early stage, start-up companies, generic drug and medical-device companies, venture-capital and investment-banking entities, universities, law firms, and various other healthcare companies.

Duane Miller, Ph.D.

Dr. Miller is one of the original founders of the company and co-inventor of the company’s various technologies. Until 2015, when he retired, he served as Van Vleet Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). He now serves as Professor Emeritus and continues his research into areas of interest. He makes his expertise available to the company when such is needed.

Gabor Tigyi, MD, Ph.D.

Dr. Tigyi is one of the company’s original founders, a co-inventor of its lead technology, and serves as the company's Chief Scientific Officer.

In addition, he serves as the Van Vleet Professor of Oncology Research in the Department of Physiology (College of Medicine), holds a joint appointment in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and serves as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research in Industry Relations and Global Partnerships - all for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). In addition, he serves as Professor of Chemistry, University of Memphis.

Dr. Tigyi is an elected External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Arts, Letters, and Sciences in Paris. He holds an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from Semmelweis University in Budapest where he serves as Scientific Advisor to the Department of Central Clinical Research. He also holds the title of Distinguished Chair Professor with the National Taiwan University.

Joseph M. Welch, MBA

Mr. Welch currently serves on the company's Board of Directors as well as its Executive Management Committee (EMC). He brings extensive experience to the Company having spent the bulk of his 40+-year career in the global pharmaceutical industry. This has included service as Vice President of Business Development for Tanox, Inc., and before that for Texas Biotechnology Corporation (Encysive Pharmaceuticals). Prior to that, Mr. Welch served as Associate Director of Licensing for DuPont Merck and in a variety of sales and marketing capacities for DuPont Pharmaceuticals and for Endo Laboratories. Mr. Welch holds an M.B.A. from Denver University.